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Disco Bat Productions

Harry Potter Fan Films

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All Members , Moderated

The Movies:

Hogwarts, A Trilogy

Theatrical Trailer 3.5MB
Through the Eyes of a Child 6.0MB
All for Love 7.9MB
Disco Hogwarts 7.1MB

Trilogy of Secrets

Theatrical Trailer 3.6MB
Just the Two of Us 6.2MB
Macho Hogwarts 5.9MB
Untitled 5.8MB

Prisoner of Trilogies

Theatrical Trailer 1.0MB
8 Mile 6.9MB
Moony & Padfoot 2.6MB
For B Bennett 10.0MB

Bonus Material

Bat Bitch! 4.3MB
SQueer Eye 3.0MB
Disco Hogwarts - Directors' Commentary 16.5MB

(c)2005 Discobat Productions

*Disco Bat Productions acknowledges that none of the footage or songs they use are their own. (Nothing. Nada. Zip. Well, except for that supa-sweet triple-fade in "All for Love" and anything you find hilariously funny. Then it's all us.) They do own legal copies of all the Harry Potter movies plus a crap-load of other Harry Potter merchandise. So let them have their fun. It doesn't hurt anyone, and may perhaps help the sales of Journey's Greatest Hits. Who knows?

Community Code - More like Guidelines, really.

1. Talk about making videos. How do you do it? Tools, tricks, etc.
2. Show off your videos. We want to see. You know, we'll even let you post your H/H
videos. Just know that we will mock you relentlessly. And feel free to Mock our R/S video.
We can take it. It's pretty mockable even without knowing that canon R/S is impossible.
3. Comment, critique, laugh at the videos.
4. We like the HP music videos, obviously, but if you make any live-action fan films,
we want those too! (We personally haven't ventured there - yet.) Puppet shows,
dramatic readings of canon or fanon - bring 'em! We want it all. Here.
5. Lastly, tell us how much you love Disco Bat Productions. We want love, and lots of it.
If we get enough of it, we might do something really nice for you someday.