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Harry Puppet and the Defeat of Onion Head

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That was WONDERFUL. The death of Onion Head was so gruesome and the ending- SO CLIMATIC.

I love you all.

And on a different note, would you like free advertising? Because I really want to make a discobat t-shirt.... for some crax induced reason...
Oh, yes! And show us pictures!
Who is this? Who is valagen? Because I dig your hot Axl Rose icon.

For real!

I would love to sell DiscoBat merchandise at the SQ CafePress store. Anyone? Anyone? Send me a design?
Oh, seriously. Just make sure that the bat's lips are visible. It's all about the LIPS. a;lsfkjd;alsfkjd
Dang, my sound isn't working right now!!!!! But it looks funny! :D

Can I play these podcasts on my Itunes? Or do I have to download another program? *wants teh Disco Batz*
They should work on iTunes. :D